Parenting Class in Family Law

Whenever minor children are at issue (custody and/or parenting time), all Oregon courts require that both parents attend and complete a parenting class which has been approved by that respective court.

Most counties have chosen a different parenting class, so it's important to take the parenting class which has been approved for your county.  If you've already taken a parenting class in another county, or for another reason, you or your attorney can file a motion with the court to have the requirement waived.

The cost of parenting classes varies greatly between counties - for example, in Marion County the cost is approx. $50.

After you have completed the required parenting class, you will receive a certificate of completion which must then be filed with the court (or given to your attorney - who will then file it with the court).

Information on your county's approved parenting class may obtained by calling the court's information line, or requesting the information from your attorney.