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Firearm Laws & Training

Knowing State and Federal laws regarding firearms is part of being a responsible gun owner.  We offer classes to teach you about State and Federal firearm laws which are contained in the concealed handgun license class.  We also offer firearms training for both new and experienced shooters.  No prior shooting experience is necessary.  Knowing how to safely handle, load, unload, fire and store a firearm is also part of being a responsible gun owner and you should not carry a handgun which you are not proficient in using.


Firearm Training Classes

Concealed Handgun License Class

Firearm Training
(Handgun & Rifle)

Handgun Competition Training

To apply for a concealed handgun license in Oregon, you must first take a qualified firearms safety course.  This class takes approximately three hours and it can be done in small groups (up to six people) in my office, or at your location (as many as you can  comfortably accommodate).  There is NO live ammunition or loaded firearms allowed during this class.  The cost is $25 per person ($20 per person with groups of 5 or more).  Class size is a minimum of four participants.

I provide routine and specialized training for both handgun and rifle.  Are you looking for increased skill, personal protection, home defense, long-range rifle, or concealed carry?  If you are an experienced shooter or brand new (never fired a gun before), I can custom tailor a handgun or rifle training course to fit your needs.  Precision rifle training includes use of a Kestrel and ballistic calculator.  My goal is to get you to a place where you can continue regular practice without further supervision.  The primary focus is firearms safety, then accuracy, then speed (in that order).  We will also discuss various methods of concealed carry and safely securing firearms at home and in your vehicle.

If you are looking to get into pistol shooting sports such as Speed Steel, USPSA or IDPA, I provide training to get you comfortable with the rules, procedures, strategies, and shooting skills to start competing.  Competitions are exciting, fun, and open to the public.  You can expect to be competing after four-to-five private lessons.  The focus, similar to personal protection, is on firearms safety, then accuracy, then speed (in that order).

Fees & Costs

Private lessons are approximately one hour in length at $40 each.  A block of four lessons can be purchased for $140.  Scheduling is flexible and includes evenings, weekdays and weekends.  You may (probably) use your own firearm and ammunition (no steel core or armor piercing) and If you do not have your own gun and ammunition, you can rent one from me ($20 per lesson), and $25 per box of 50 pistol rounds or $40 per box of 20 rifle rounds.

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