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Virgil Royer

Virgil graduated in 2011 from Willamette Law School in Salem, Oregon.  He is a native Oregonian with strong ties to the community.


Virgil has been practicing family law, personal injury law, and criminal defense for over ten years.  His wealth of knowledge in family law will give you an edge in protecting your interests.  A trial-lawyer by trade, taking cases to court where aggressive strategies are needed is something he does on a regular basis.  Many family law attorneys limit the time and effort put into a case by avoiding subpoenas, depositions, extensive small-business analysis, and motion practice.  Virgil will take any steps necessary to ensure you are prepared for trial if settlement is not an option.


Kimberley graduated in 2013 from Willamette Law School in Salem, Oregon.  She is a native Oregonian who has lived and traveled the world.  Kimberley balances her time between working as an associate attorney for Royer & Assoc. and with running the De Muniz Legal Clinic also located in Salem.

Kimberley's experience in both family law and social services make her a highly valued asset the Royer & Assoc. team.  Kimberley is a well-versed trial attorney who fights hard to protect her client's interests.

Brad Holbrook

Brad is licensed in both Oregon and California.  He has worked alongside Virgil since 2010 in various capacities and has been a vital part of the Royer & Assoc. law firm.

Brad is caring and committed to helping you solve your legal issues and navigate the legal system.  He specializes in both personal injury law and family law.

Brad also has experience in general litigation, appeals, and expungements.  Brad may be willing to work in additional counties not usually served by the firm, so please feel free to request a consultation with him.


Jennifer Terhune is our family law paralegal.  She worked for the firm from day-one and is a valuable member of our team.  She will help you navigate the litigation process, provide you with updates on your case, and much more.

Austin Olin is our discovery law clerk.  Austin is a law student at Willamette and we are lucky to have such a talented and eager individual organizing and managing discovery for family law cases.  

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