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Firearms Training

Firearms training is custom-tailored to your individual needs.  I provide handgun and rifle training geared towards personal protection & competition.


A criminal background check and liability waiver is required before any firearms training.  In Oregon, those with a past felony conviction, any domestic violence conviction, or are subject to an active restraining or stalking order are not allowed to possess firearms.  Any attempts to do so through my training will be reported to law enforcement.

Training Areas


Private lessons are approximately one hour in length at $40 each.  A block of four lessons can be purchased for $140 ($20 savings).  My schedule is somewhat flexible and includes some weekdays and weekends.  You must supply your own firearm and ammunition (no steel core or green tip ammunition is allowed).  If you do not have your own gun or ammunition, you can rent one from me ($15 per lesson), and $25 per box of 50 rounds.